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TREASURE- for the first time- integrates the expertise of epidemiologists, climatologists, Earth Observation scientists and IT developers into intelligent heat wave risk assessments for authorities and personalised tools for citizens.

Chris Kiranoudis
Professor NTUA, Project Coordinator
Chris is at the School of Chemical Engineering working on Computational System Analysis and Optimization for various Energy and Environmental Systems.
Iphigenia Keramitsoglou
Senior Researcher IAASARS/NOA
Iphigenia is an Earth Observation expert. She is co-leader of Global Urban Observation and Information Task, of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO).
Christos Giannakopoulos
Research Director IERSD/NOA
Christos focuses on climate change modeling of extremes and impacts on various sectors such as energy demand, health, tourism and forest fires.
Dimitra Founda
Senior Researcher IERSD/NOA
Dimitra’s expertise concerns, meteorology, climatology and climate change with emphasis on urban climate, time series analysis and atmospheric boundary layer.


Klea Katsouyanni
Professor UoA
Klea is working on Medical Statistics and Epidemiology focusing on the health effects of environmental stressors, epidemiologic methods and cancer epidemiology.
Antonis Analitis
Research Fellow UoA
Antonis is involved in medical statistics and environmental epidemiology research. His interests include the investigation of the effects of meteorology and air pollution on health.
Dolores Ordoñez
CEO AnySolution SL
Dolores is a law graduate. She has been working in European projects, in a wide range of fields, for 20 years and she is the coordinator of the Smart Cities Working Group es.Internet.
Tayrne Butler
AnySolution SL
Tayrne has a degree in Tourist Activities and Businesses. She is has taken part in a number of European projects and co-managed the European Enterprise Network in the Balearics.


Panagiotis Sismanidis
Research Assistant IAASARS/NOA
Panagiotis is a PhD candidate in Remote Sensing. He is working on the study of the surface urban heat island effect using satellite thermal data.

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