Layman's Report

TREASURE is completed!

Our actions will continue towards urban resilience for heat waves! Download the report to find out more!



Personalized Heat Wave Risk App for Citizens

This mobile app is developed to provide citizens with real time information of their risk due to exposure to high temperatures. It estimates the air temperature at the specific location of the user. It then assesses the personalized heat wave risk based on the user profile. The app can also assess the heat wave risk of other people (family, keen persons) at different locations.

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Services to Authorities and Citizens

  • Operational Nowcasting of city temperatures and heat wave hazard based on satellite data, 15 cities
  • Charts of past data (single parameter, multiple parameters, multiple cities)
  • Mobile Application for Personal heat wave risk estimator
  • Application for optimal emergency units location problem during a heat wave


TREASURE climate projections

Future projections for stakeholders and the public

Present and future regional climate model output was used to estimate climate indices related to heat, population discomfort and energy demand. Present day simulations cover the period 1971-2000 and are used here as reference for comparison with future projections for the periods 2021-2050 (near future) and 2071-2100 (distant future). The future period simulations of the models are based on the IPCC SRES A1B scenario, which provides a good mid-line estimate for carbon dioxide emissions and economic growth.

Climatological Analysis


Thermal Risk rEduction Actions and tools for SecURE cities

Appraisal and quantification of spatially distributed heat wave risk currently and in the future are required to develop innovative tools and services for the subsequent design of targeted measures and strategies.

The approach will be applied and tested originally on two Mediterranean cities with different characteristics, and will set the grounds for application to any other European city together with the development of urban heat wave resilience strategies.

TREASURE is a DG ECHO funded project (ECHO/SUB/2014/695561).

In Brief

Heat Wave Hazard Appraisal


To assess the past, present and future heat wave hazard by means of satellite measurements, long time series of meteorological station data as well as the best available climatologic models.

Health Impact Assessment


To integrate health impacts related to heat waves into the TREASURE, to guarantee a holistic innovative approach.

Services To Authorities


To provide services to Authorities to reinforce urban resilience to heat waves.

Services To Citizens


To provide personalised heat wave risk estimations to citizens.

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